Supply Chain Solutions

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Global supply chains require the precise movement of goods, information and Logistics-Managementfunds for your company. Fortunately, Elite Cargo Supply Chain Solutions provides the services and expertise to synchronize your end-to-end supply chain, from transportation and freight to logistics and distribution services to international trade management and customs brokerage. Our proven experience and global coverage enable some of the world's leading corporations and growing businesses alike to improve efficiencies, increase flexibility of modes and scheduling, and gain the scalability of a vast network and resources. Whether you need individual services, integrated products, or industry-specific solutions -- it's available today from Elite Cargo Supply Chain Solutions.

Increased speed to market...
Shortening the supply chain gives you a market advantage. With proven international experience and a vast transportation and freight network, we can get your products to market ahead of the competition.

Transportation & Freight
Our Supply Chain Solutions offers a single-source solution to manage your transportation and freight, giving you the capacity to extend your global business reach. Our expert staff can design the most effective solution for your company using a vast network of air, ocean, rail or road transportation modes.

Air Freight
Global air freight services with pickup and delivery to major business centers worldwide

Ocean Freight
Proven ocean freight expertise and dependable transit schedules and sailings from major ports around the world

Rail/Intermodal Freight
A dependable, cost-effective rail option to ship your goods

Road Freight
Time-sensitive truckload and LTL services to assist you in meeting deadlines and budget requirements

International Trade Management
Leverage our extensive international trade management and customs brokerage experience to improve your import and export processes.
Customs Brokerage
Our offices in more than 73 countries around the world, we can provide you with global coverage and reliable, consistent service.

Integrated Solutions
No matter what sector your business operates in, our wide range of supply chain solutions can help you improve your service levels, speed trade across international borders, and manage a mix of suppliers and customers across multiple channels and countries.

Supplier Management
Manage your overseas logistics at the vendor level, order level, and item level.

Service Parts Logistics
Enable post-sales support of critical parts and equipment, using a 24x7 global distribution network.

Maximum efficiencies...
No matter how complex your needs, we can make each part of your supply chain work together. That means less down time, better inventory control, and maximum distribution and operational efficiencies.

Enhanced customer service...
Leveraging our global distribution and package delivery network, we can cut days out of your post-sales supply chain. As a result, you can improve service and response times for your critical parts, returns and repairs.


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